Masturbation after circumcis

You may find that your old ways of masturbating are no longer working for you after your circumcision. This is normal, and most men go through an adjustment phase where they learn how to jerk off without a foreskin. During this period it is worth trying different things and exploring what feels best to you. You should wait at least 4 weeks after surgery before starting to jerk off. You can see a timeline of the circumcision recovery process here. Whilst uncut men typically masturbate by rubbing the foreskin up and down the head of the penis, you may find this is no longer possible.
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Masturbation After Circumcision - Men's Health Foru...

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How do I masturbate after circumcision? - Men's Health Foru

Guys when is it safe to masturbate after circumcision, or when do I know that its safe to do it? This can vary. You must be very careful not to disturb the cut area. I masturbated about two weeks after my second circumcision just by rubbing the glans penis. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your circumcised penis. I would say just be careful matey it's very early days and your glans and cut area is very sensitive i know your getting to that state where you really need to release im a guy myself so know what that feeling is i myself won't do this til im per cent healed just try to think of every day things if you can your be fine don't un do all the good work your body and penis is doing just for a horny 10 minutes it will be worth the wait.
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How do I masturbate after circumcision? - Men's Health Foru...

Feel really embarrassed to be asking this, but I was circumcised 3 months ago and I was given a loose circumcision as opposed to a tight one. I am unsure of the best method to masturbate, currently I am just gripping the skin on the shaft and pulling up and down but I'm not sure this is the correct way to do it as the head of my penis isn't receiving any stimulation. I have noticed many circumcised people tend to massage up and down the full length of their penis, but because my circumcision is fairly loose the loose skin tends to get in the way. Can anyone give me any advice on this? It's up to you to discover what feels good.
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