My wife sucks in bed

Have you tried my usual go to of talking directly with her about the matter? Or, perhaps suggest trying new and different things together? Not too mention by talking she might confess that she feels your sex sucks, too. Most likely due to putting too much pressure on herself. Love itself creates intimacy. I mean technically you could take care of the sex part yourself if it came down to relieving frustrations.
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What To Do If Your Partner Is Boring In Bed

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What To Do If Your Partner Is Boring In Bed

It was backed by lots of research from really smart people whose job it is to think about sex professionally sexperts, if you will. I worked on that piece and thought it provided some great really great nuggets of advice. But between you and me? I also thought that maybe, in the midst of all of those nuggets of wisdom, some very simple tips and tricks were missing. Including bum bum bum what happens when things are… not so hot. I grew up without the understanding that sex is something to be ashamed about. I bought a vibrator more or less the day I got my license.
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This Is What We Do When Our Sex Life Sucks

My wife and I have been married for several years. Over the past six months, I have felt my overall sexual attraction to her diminishing to the point that, even though she is absolutely stunning she could be a model , which I am reminded of by strangers almost every time we go out together , I no longer find myself sexually attracted to her at all. At the start of our relationship, the sex was OK and we were very sexually active for the first two years.
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I know I can't be the only one who's ever had to deal with a partner who's boring in bed. Sex should be fun! But when one partner is all about switching things up while the other likes to stick with the same routine, someone's going to be left feeling unsatisfied.
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