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Most high heels are uncomfortable. Even your best, most luxurious pair will leave your feet aching after a couple hours of walking. Sure, beauty is pain, and we make sacrifices for the sake of fashion. But wearing high heels all day every day can actually cause some serious problems with your feet.
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3 Exercises High Heel Lovers Should Do to Avoid Foot Pain

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Foot and Ankle Problems in Heel Wearers | Health Plus

Christian Louboutin once said: "The higher the heels, the better! Foot pain among women is a common phenomenon today and the problem can be attributed to the prolonged use of ill-fitting shoes that force the feet into unnatural shapes. Frequent and extended use of high heels are a major cause of foot problems in women. If you think you may have a foot injury that needs medical attention, don't be afraid to see a doctor. Think of our feet as the ultimate shock absorbers for our body, cushioning us from endless days of activities. Now think about squeezing these precious absorbers into an awkward pair of high stilettos for a big part of the day. High heels force the feet in an abnormally flexed downward position, straining the calf muscles and limiting ankle movements during activity.
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Heels with best feet ever

Many women enjoy wearing high heels despite knowing they can be harmful to the feet. There are many uncomfortable conditions that can originate from wearing this type of shoe, including shortened Achilles tendons, and a restriction in circulation. Many people experience bunions and hammertoes from wearing high heels. These ailments can be a result of having inadequate room for the toes to move freely in. If you would like additional information about how high heels can harm the feet, please consult with a podiatrist.
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You'll never guess the state with the highest average heel height in the nation. Where does your state stand? Puerto Rico, Nevada, and Arkansas round out the first tier. Then come Texas and Connecticut, followed by a handful of states in the 2.
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